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Being a computer user, keyboard is your tool to interact with your computer. For computer enthusiasts who spend most of their time on computers, or even spend some time on their computer, having a keyboard that is comfortable to work on and also good looking is worth it. It is where mechanical keyboard comes in picture. For enthusiasts that are unaware of what mechanical keyboards are, these are the one which have mechanical switches for every key. Unlike traditional membrane keyboard, every key is registered individually when pressed.

Mechanical keyboards comes with many different types of switches like blue switches, red switches, brown switches, black switches and many more. Every switch is different in their own way. Every key have a different tactile feel and every give give a different bump when pressed. The great thing about mechanical keyboards are that we can replace the keys with other thousands of alternatives available.
So lets get straight into the list.

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Ant mechanical Keyboard






Talking of its features, it got 7-color backlight (each row has a different specific color), 6 preset lighting effects. It also has Anti-ghosting 104 Keys. N-key rollover, Allowing multi-keys to work simultaneously with high speed. If you are a sort of gamer then this keyboard will be great for you since each key of this keyboard is controlled by independent switch, let you enjoy high-grade games with fast response. This keyboard uses Outemu Blue Switches The individual, clicky Outemu Blue switches deliver accurate, responsive key commands for typing and gaming, they have an incredible 50-million-keystroke lifespan, proven in testing 87-key rollover means this keyboard will never miss a single key-press or confuse your commands in any use case scenario. It got double-shot-molded ABS keycaps and brushed metal panel that are extremely durable and abrasion-resistant.

The reviews of this keyboard are great with 4.4 rating on Amazon. At the time of review this keyboard is going for 2149 Indian Rupee.


Red gear






This is actually a gamer centric keyboard, but that doesn’t make it unusable in other domains. This is a good keyboard that is equipped with Kailh Blue switches which are actually very durable and good. Kailh switches are actually better that any other switches listed on this post. Features of this keyboard are- it got Kailh Clicky blue switches. It is equipped with RGB lightning effect, there is also a Windows key lock. It comes with Floating key cap design and also it has Full anti-ghosting keys. The great thing  about this keyboard is it’s long lasting 70M keystroke switches life. The design is great and it looks beautiful.

The reviews of this keyboard on amazon is 4.3 star rated. At the time of writing this review the keyboard is going for 2845 Indian Rupee.


Cosmic byte






Cosmic Byte is famous for making affordable products. This keyboard is great with 4.2 ratings on Amazon. The customer reviews are also great. This keyboard has Smart Wired Gaming Keyboard with Aluminium Body. The keyboard is equipped with Blue Switch Keys for greater tactile experience. It got Rainbow LED Back-lighting with 10 – Back-lighting effects which look beautiful and real MVP. This keyboard has All-Key Anti-Ghosting. The keys are Scratch-Resistant Keys with 50 Million Keystroke Life. The cable is also 1.8 meter long Braided Cable with Gold Plated USB Interface. This keyboard is also very affordable.

At the time of writing this review this keyboard is going for 2015 Indian Rupees.


Zebronics keyboard






Zebronics is a popular brand in India. They make cheap and affordable computer peripherals. Also the quality of peripherals are not bad, they are on good side. It is a full size 104 key keyboard, it got Blue switches. It got 11 multimedia keys. The keys are back-lit, where each row has different color LED, there are 7 available light mode. The keycaps are double injected and keycaps can easily be replaced. The keyboard is a bit heavier, but thats good since it is very durable and strong. The cable is braided and gold plated.

It got 4.4 star rating on Amazon. At the time of writing this review, this keyboard is going for 2389 Indian Rupees.











This keyboard is not from any popular brand but it is going for a good affordable price and that’s the only reason to include it in this list. This is given 4 star rating on amazon but the number of reviews of this keyboard are not high in number. The features of this keyboard are- High quality blue switch with mechanical ‘Click’ sound, Ergonomic, high and low key design for more comfort, RGB multi-color backlight, 21 kinds of lighting effects, more cool, Full Anti Ghosting Keys for a better experience and ABS double injection translucent cap key is more durable. If your budget is low then only buy this keyboard otherwise I will recommend only the keyboards listed above.

At the time of writing this review this keyboard is going for 1999 Indian Rupees.

So these are the mechanical keyboards that you buy at lowest price in India. Hope you like the list, also check out other stuff on TechBuck.

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