How to create WordPress instance in Amazon AWS

Creating a WordPress Instance


WordPress is the biggest website making platform in the world or in other words it is the biggest CMS(content management system) in the world. It takes making of website to another level my easing the process of making super cool super innovating good looking fully function websites. Since you want to host your wordpress website on AWS, this shows that you are already familiar with the wordpress so without further ado lets dive into the tutorial.


  • Sign into your AWS account by clicking on this link amazon console and then sign into the account by clicking on sign in to the console

  • Click on Services button and then on EC2 under compute section.

  • Under Create instance Section click Launch Instance button.


  • Now click on AWS marketplace and the search wordpress. The first option WordPress by Bitnami install it.

  • Select type of Hosting. For free tier select free tier option. Do not change any setting just get on clicking next.
  • You will be prompted to select a key pair. Select create a new pair and give it any name.And then download key pair and then click launch instance.

  • Congratulations your wordpress instance is created. Its address is given under IPv4 public IP section. visit it by searching it in address bar of your browser.

  • Now right click on this instance and under system settings click Get System log. Slide down the log undil you see the password in format given below.

  • Now visit your given IPv4 IP address followed be /admin for example
  • The wordpress login page will open up. Under username field write user and in password write the password you get from system Logs.
  • You can also change the password of admin by visiting setting options.

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